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Wolmyeongdong is God’s Natural Temple. It is a place Pastor Jung Myung Seok has been developing together with his disciples since 1989. With dedication and love, he endeavored to make a temple in nature where numerous believers can gather and worship God.





90 Wolmyeongdong-gil,
Jinsan-myeon, Geumsan,
Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea




仁川空港からの行き方 From Incheon Airport

1) Take the airport limousine bus to Daejeon (platform 9D on the first floor).
– You can buy the ticket at one of the ticket booths outside (near the exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, or 13).
– It costs about 21,000-24,000 won ($21-24)
2) Get off at Daejeon Terminal Complex (3 hours).
3) Take our private shuttle or taxi (40 min).
– Our private shuttle runs from 8am-8pm. Outside of that, you will need to take a taxi.
4) You will arrive in front of the guard house at the entrance of Wolmyeongdong.

From Seoul Express Terminal

1) Take the express bus at Platform 31 to Geumsan.
– It costs 10,000-18,000 won ($10-18). The general bus is cheaper than the express one.
2) Get off at Majeon (2.5 hours).
– If you don’t want to miss it by accident, you can inform the driver that you will get off at Majeon.
3) Take the shuttle in front of the Rock Church in Majeon (30 min)
4) You will arrive in front of the guard office at the entrance of Wolmyeongdong.


– Even though it goes to Geumsan, get off at Majeon.
– Don’t get confused by Gunsan (군산) because of its similar pronunciation. Gunsan is located 1.5 hours drive from Wolmyeongdong. If you go there by accident, there won’t be many buses to come back to Daejeon or Geumsan since it is in the countryside.


+82 41-753-9971




Everyday: 7:00am-6pm
Lunch: 12pm-1pm | Dinner: 6pm-7pm


ウォルミョンドンには様々な快適な場所が備わっています。 お土産屋さん、スナックショップ、カフェがあります。御子の愛の家の中には、カフェテリアと、公共のWiFiがあります。 夏には、滝のプールや湖で涼しく泳ぐことができます。
Wolmyeongdong is equipped with a wide variety of amenities. We have three stores: one souvenir shop to buy merchandise, one snack shop, and a cafe. Within the Holy Son’s House of Love, there is a cafeteria you can eat at during specific times and public WiFi available for you to use. During the summer, you can swim at any of the waterfall pools or the lake to cool down.

イベント時には、中庭やスポーツの場にテントを設置することができます。グランドは、様々なスポーツをするのに最適な場所です。サッカーは国際サッカー評議会で定められた広さをとることができます。 ウォルミョンドンには水も豊富にあり、湧き水である<薬水>には天然のミネラルが豊富に含まれています。この薬水を飲んで病気が癒されたという人たちもいます。
If you make a request, we can set up tents in our courtyard or sports field for certain events like outdoor BBQ’s. The sports field is a great place to play a variety of sports. We have a volleyball net that can double as a tennis net. And we also have different sized goals for soccer. Water is also an abundant resource in Wolmyeongdong, and all of our springs are enriched with natural minerals.